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Photo of Margaret Blauvelt

Margaret Blauvelt, Director

Margaret Blauvelt’s jaw-dropping science experiments elicit curiosity and excitement, powerful motivators for learning. Ms. Blauvelt knows that when students are engaged, they build their minds.

Ms. Blauvelt started Spark a Playful Mind to inspire students to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for their own benefit and also for the ultimate strength of our society. Her belief? A strong grounding in these subject areas supports personal and societal health by developing individuals who are perceptive, analytical and creative. These children will build future inventions and solutions, a stronger economy, and a healthier environment. They will become stronger and healthier people.

Margaret Blauvelt masterfully crafts activities that propel children to become effective, self-directed learners. She gently guides while allowing children opportunities and time to develop themselves as they develop solutions. Ms. Blauvelt fashions her workshops so that children do more than learn about science; they practice it as young scientists. Students turn ideas and questions into theories and experiments, analyze results, share conclusions, work out practical applications, and refine their initial ideas into new theories and experiments. Through such meaningful involvement, children increase their abilities to concentrate, analyze, create, solve problems, communicate and collaborate.

Margaret Blauvelt’s passion for children and their education began in her own childhood, when she held the hands of pre-toddlers learning to walk and taught her little brother to tie his shoes. Even while advancing her successful early career in business software development, her heart steadfastly impelled her to work with children. Initially in her spare time and later as a classroom teacher, she has inspired all sorts, including some with severe disabilities.

Trained in biology, experienced in technology, and compassionate about her students, Ms. Blauvelt creates for children an environment full of fascination and positive regard in which to learn and grow.


  • Montessori Elementary I Credential (AMS affiliation), Vancouver Board of Education Montessori Credential Program, Vancouver, BC, 2011.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Education, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington, 1989.
    Teaching certificate endorsements: K-8, 4-12 mathematics, 4-12 biology.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Biology, The Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1980.

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