03 May 2016

Free Online Children’s Health Summit This Week

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The “Children’s Health Summit” webinar is going on this week, once again hosted by Carla Atherton, a functional nutrition coach specializing in children and families. It started yesterday and continues through Saturday, May 7, 2016.

Each day’s presentations can be watched for free for 24 hours. You may also purchase the entire set of interviews during or after the conference. The price will go up when the conference is over.

Today features:

  • Judy Converse (“Nourishing Children with Special Needs”)
  • Dr. Jill Carnahan (“Autoimmunity, Infection, Dysbiosis, Oh My! How the Bacteria in Your Child’s Gut Affects Their Health”)
  • Carmen Johnson (“How to Teach Nutrition to Children and Make it Stick!”)
  • Brenda Wollenberg (“It’s More than What Your Child is Eating: Practical Tips for Successful Weight Management”).

Future guests include

Yesterday’s specialists were:

  • Beth Lambert (“The “Perfect Storm” That is Creating Childhood Chronic Illness and How We Are Documenting Hope&amp”)
  • Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein (“Bucking Our New Normal of Children’s Health and How to Cure Your Child With Dirt”)
  • Dr. Larry Palevsky (“Getting to the Root: Holistic Care for Families”)
  • and Carla Atherton herself.

Full disclosure: If you decide to purchase the summit, I will receive a modest commission. Such commissions support the time and hosting fees to keep this site going. (Mostly the site is run strictly on love, as little money has followed, but love is more important anyway.)

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