04 Dec 2016

Pervasive CDC Corruption Related to Vaccines

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New Book

Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC, a book by James Ottar Grundvig, was published last May. Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote a thoughtful review in December 2016 and also posted the following interview on YouTube (uploaded Nov 29, 2016):


How far we should trust the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)? My focus here is on vaccines, but the book goes beyond that. Some vaccines certainly do save lives, so we should not reject them all. However, what are the actual trade-offs for non-lethal diseases such as flu, mumps, and measles? I only wish politics and money would stand aside and let real, unbiased scientific research come through.

I do question an assertion by Dr. Mercola: “Projections suggest that within the next 25 years, half of all children will be autistic.” Whose projections? Based on what? Nevertheless, the book looks to be worth reading, as is the review.

Dr. Thompson’s Confession

In August 2014 I wrote an article about Dr. William Thompson’s confession that CDC data was purposely omitted from a 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. This data supported a correlation between the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism in one particular study. Dr. Thompson has been a senior research scientist at the CDC since 1998. His confession is no longer published at his attorney’s website, where I originally read it. I wonder why.

For more on the vaccine issue and Dr. Thompson, check out “Dr. Brian Hooker’s official statement regarding William Thompson” published on April 26, 2016. In 2013 and 2014, Dr. Thompson contacted Dr. Hooker and “shared many issues regarding fraud and malfeasance in the CDC, specifically regarding the link between neurodevelopmental disorders and childhood vaccines.”

Legal Mandates for Vaccination

Given the questionable politics surrounding vaccines, I believe many state laws mandating vaccinations should be repealed or overthrown in court, especially given ever-tightening restrictions for exemptions (at least here in California). Unfortunately, i do not see that happening right now.

If you would like to take action, see the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC).

Many parents, who support our work, are not philosophically opposed to the concept of vaccination and do not object to every vaccine. However, they are philosophically opposed to government health officials having the power to intimidate, threaten, and coerce them into violating their deeply held conscientious beliefs in the event they conclude that either vaccination in general or, more commonly, a particular vaccine is not appropriate for their children.

The National Vaccine Information Center represents citizens from every state, who support the principle of informed consent to medical treatment, which has become a central ethical principle in the practice of modern medicine and is applied to medical interventions which involve the risk of injury or death. Implicit in the concept of informed consent is the right to refuse consent or, in the case of vaccination laws, the right to exercise conscientious, personal belief or philosophical exemption to mandatory use of one or more vaccines.

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