Sep 29 2015

Could Your Child be Colorblind?

Category: Health,LearningAdmin @ 6:06 pm

Color blindness can be problematic. One test for it is the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test. The online version is less accurate than the eye doctor would have, since monitors and room light variations may affect the outcome. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying because it is free and a high score indicates that further testing is warranted. […]

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Feb 19 2015

What’s in a Word

Category: LearningAdmin @ 5:39 pm

Apparently, goats and sheep are pretty much the same thing in China. In Mandarin, there is one word to cover both: yang. This issue has come up recently because some English-speaking people seem confused about whether to call the current Chinese year, which began today, the year of the sheep or the goat. In scientific […]

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Sep 29 2014

Observation and Preconception

Category: LearningAdmin @ 11:24 am

Humans are self-correcting organisms. It is sometimes amazing how long it takes us, but once we recognize a problem or a mistake, solutions often come quickly. As a teacher, I try to give children time and space to correct themselves whenever possible. They are happier when they figure it out themselves. But sometimes I need […]

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