30 Mar 2015

What is Healthy Eating for Children?

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Is the “normal” U.S. diet harming your family?

Since it is now estimated that one-third of people in the U.S. will end up with diabetes by the end of their lives, here is some good news: Type 2 diabetes is reversible! Roy Taylor, MD, a researcher at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, discussed the implications of diet and more in his interview at the Diabetes Summit. Fascinating.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan and others at the Diabetes Summit made a good case that wheat may also be implicated in diabetes, especially type 1 but also type 2. Looking back, I probably developed my own wheat intolerance as early as age twelve, followed eventually by hypothyroidism (but fortunately not diabetes in my own case). It took me over twenty years to figure out that wheat was at least partially to blame.

Healthy eating habits are best started when young. Over the years, I was forced to change my diet because of my health. Years of suffering could have been reduced or eliminated if I had changed my diet when I was much, much younger.

Even if diabetes is not an issue (yet), the Diabetes Summit is one source of information that you will find invaluable, and it’s still happening online for free for another day. The entire series of interviews are also available for purchase.

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