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Our Founder Puts Science in the Hands of Children

Margaret Blauvelt’s jaw-dropping science experiments elicit curiosity and excitement, powerful motivators for learning. Ms. Blauvelt knows that when students are engaged, they build their minds.

Ms. Blauvelt started Spark a Playful Mind to inspire students to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for their own benefit and also for the ultimate strength of our society. Her belief? A strong grounding in these subject areas supports personal and societal health by developing individuals who are perceptive, analytical and creative. These children will build future inventions and solutions, a stronger economy, and a healthier environment. They will become stronger and healthier people.


Spark a Playful Mind’s Mission

To expand children’s opportunities for exploring science and math by providing educational workshops, presentations, consulting, and materials that:

  • Support the development of the child as a capable, self-confident, self-directed and collaborative learner.
  • Provide solid experiential and conceptual foundations for future learning, especially within the areas of science and mathematics.
  • Engender excitement that motivates further learning.

Privacy Policy

Spark a Playful Mind does not currently share email addresses or any other information you send us with anyone, with the following exceptions:


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