Updated 09 Feb 2022

Barefoot Books

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Barefoot Books is a small company specializing in quality stories, art work, and related literacy products (such as puppets) that respect the child as an intelligent, growing person. The company’s materials encourage families to read, tell stories, and communicate together.

Barefoot Books cares about the planet and its people. The books share cultures in stories and art from all over the world. Furthermore, the company is committed to sustainable manufacturing processes.

I, Margaret Blauvelt, used to be a Barefoot Books Ambassador so that I could bring these lovely books and materials to you. It was fun. I am now too busy with other pursuits, but I still believe in their books and so have kept this page on the Spark a Playful Mind site. I no longer get a commission, as I have allowed my Barefoot Books ambassadorship to expire.

You can help inspire literacy by hosting a book party at your house while earning free books for your children. Schools can raise money through a Barefoot Books book fair. Particularly if you are in the Bay Area north of San Francisco, contact Kathleen von Raesfeld. She has been working with Barefoot Books for many years and is a really wonderful person besides. She will help you figure out how to incorporate Barefoot Books into your child literacy projects.

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